Men’s Resurgence Gear Heritage Slim Black Riding Jeans

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  • Pekev Lined (CE AAA)
  • D30 ® Evo armors as standard
  • Wick liner for moisture control
  • Super Stretch Denim for ultimate riding comfort
  • Breathable, preventing heat build-up
  • Hidden, adjustable Armour pockets

Resurgence Gear’s Pekev® has held the title of the world’s highest abrasion rating for many years now with a 10.83 second, CE level 2 pass from Satra and a 23.20 second pass from TUV. Full strength Pekev® Jeans cover 80% of the product, from the top all the way to below the knee/top of boot, front and back. CE AAA rated, stretch comfort, D3O® Evo Armour, & record-breaking Pekev® abrasion liner.