Harley-Davidson® Let's Ride Party Silhouette Bar & Shield Bucket Set

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Harley-Davidson® Let's Ride Party Bucket Set

 Set includes 4.7L (5 Qt.) metal bucket, eight paper coasters (two of each design) 4" x 4", metal bottle opener 4.75" L, and four pint glasses 470ml (16 oz). Graphic pattern features Silhouette Bar & Shield logos with four unique Harley-Davidson® mottos:

Ride For Freedom / Rogue Spirit / Freedom of the Road / The Road is Open Let’s Ride.

The perfect set to add to your home bar!

  • 4.7L (5 Qt.) metal bucket
  • Eight paper coasters, 4 x 4 in.
  • Metal bottle opener, 4.75 in
  • Four pint glasses, 470ml (16 oz.)