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Airoh Connor Zeus Helmet

Airoh Connor Zeus Helmet

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Modeled taking inspiration from the wind, Connor will be able to accompany you to any place you need or want to reach.

Sharp lines, captivating graphics and race-oriented equipment make it the must-have of the season.

The three different shells, an innovative ventilation system, designed inside the wind tunnel, emphasize the rider’s comfort leaving them free to be guided by the wind and fully enjoy the journey.

Ventilation: Connor has an innovative and functional ventilation system, carefully studied and tested inside the wind tunnel. The air intakes positioned in the upper part and on the chin-guard are easily adjustable, even with the use of gloves. The rear extractors complete the system and emphasize riding pleasure by improving comfort even on longer journeys and in more demanding climatic conditions.

Extra wide vision: Never miss a moment of your journey, enjoy every single meter. The visor has innovative features that ensure an extra wide vision, amplified and supported also by the practical anti-fog position and by the predisposition for the Pinlock 70 lens, essential elements for minimizing the risk of fogging.

ATVR ( Airoh Tool-less Visor Removal ): the AIROH system that allows the quick release of the visor, without the aid of special tools or equipment. An innovative system that allows you to remove easily and, why not, replace this component, even for a last-minute change of look. In addition to this, the visor also features the practical central lock system, to amplify a stable view of the road.

Bluetooth Compatible 

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