The Gear You Need, Before Hitting The Road

We invest a lot in our motorcycles, but we often don’t invest much in our gear. Guilty? Don't fret because we have got you covered. To help you get started we have compiled a list of protective gear that we recommend for each and every rider and pillion, as a minimum, before hitting the road on your Harley-Davidson.

Yes it's an obvious one here in Australia, but the value of a good quality helmet is sometimes overlooked. It is extremely important that you get correctly fitted for a helmet. Don’t accept a hand-me-down. With legal road use approved helmets from just $69 in-store there is no excuse to not have one of your own. It could be the difference between life and death. When it comes to helmets it really does ring true that you get what you pay for. A more expensive helmet will be made from higher quality materials. So invest where it matters.

We have a great range of helmets across all price points and with great features to improve your riding experience. And remember to never keep a helmet that is older than 5 years. The lining and foam inner shell can start to deteriorate in this time, compromising the structural integrity of the helmet. Not only does time affect a helmet, but so does dropping one. If you have dropped your helmet, no matter how minor, it should be replaced. So keep it close fitting, damage free and less than 5 years old.

We definitely recommend a leather jacket, and one that fits! Again, don’t settle for hand-me-downs that are too big. You don’t want your jacket flapping painfully in the wind. Leather jackets are made to fit you closely.

In the event of an accident you need the abrasion resistant points of the jacket to be sitting where they’re supposed to. A jacket that is too big could possibly be ripped off of you in an accident, more easily than a neatly fitting one. Whilst leather is very versatile, the summer heat in Queensland can be severe. To keep you comfortable on the road, we also recommend you own a second jacket made of textile and/or road abrasion resistant mesh. Harley-Davidson have a fantastic range available and the leathers come with a solid 5 year warranty. Ask in-store about Harley’s legendary triple vent system, keeping you cool on the hottest days.

Kevlar Pants
Kevlar pants are quite the investment, but you need to know how valuable they are in the event of an accident. They will quite literally save your skin! We stock Draggin’ Jeans, an Australian company. Draggin’ Jeans is the only casual motorcycle brand in the world to have ever passed both CE Level 1 and CE Level 2 certifications for abrasion, burst and tear resistance. There are many styles available so finding the right fit for you, is a sure thing. And you need not compromise on style either. From denim jeans of all styles through to cargo pants, leather look pants and camouflage pants. When we say there is something for every one - we mean it.

We cannot stress enough how important the right boots are to your safety, your comfort, and your overall riding experience. In the event of an accident, proper fitting boots will help protect your ankles and toes from severe damage. Did you know that one-quarter of the bones in the human body are in the feet? So do your feet a favour. Don’t wear a fashion boot you bought from a store in the Shopping Centre. It may come off easily in the event of an accident and won't be made from road abrasion resistant materials. Quite simply - they’re not made for it. Similarly, don’t wear your steel capped work boots. Proper motorcycle boot toe and heel caps are made from a thermoplastic resin, that won’t heat up if road abrasion occurs. Comfortable boots can give you the right support when in riding position and also off the bike.

Reinforced toes mean great protection but also great function and comfort when shifting through the gears. Waterproof boots are also a valuable asset on a rainy day. So embrace your new biker style and invest in a great boot from our store today.

Gloves are an obvious choice for our minimum requirements list. The right gloves should be comfortable and functional. We recommend getting yourself several pairs of gloves so that you’re covered for all occasions, and seasons.

Leather gloves are the most versatile and popular option. New technology in gloves means you’ll see a lot of key features available that you may never have considered, but have great benefits for riders and pillions. Features such as pre-curved fingers, ergonomic thumbs, touch screen compatible index fingers, gel padded palms, reinforced knuckles, and more. There are many great features within the Harley-Davidson glove range that you are going to love.

We also highly recommend you invest in a sturdy pair of winter gloves. A great pair of winter gloves will cost a little more, but you’ll be glad you made the choice a hundred times over when riding down those cold winter roads without a care in the world.

Payment Options
If you are financing a new ride through Harley-Davidson Financial Services there is now the ability to finance an additional 10% of the bike purchase price to spend on new gear. It’s affordable and a great way to ensure you have all the protection that you need as soon as you hit the road.

For all other payment types check our online store to view the most up to date payment options including buy now pay later providers. We also offer free in-store layby with an 8 week repayment term.

The right gear makes all the difference to your riding experience, and your safety on the road is absolutely vital. Let us help you find your perfect fit and style today.