Beat the heat with our top 10 Aussie summer riding favourites for 2024

Beat the heat with our top 10 Aussie summer riding favourites for 2024

Nothing beats an Australian summer. The barbecues, the beers, mateship and absolutely cracking weather. But the heat, humidity and Aussie sun can be harsh when cruising the wide-open roads of our sunburnt country. By investing a few dollars into some key riding products, you can really turn those unbearably hot days on the bike into much cooler and more comfortable ones.

Check out our top 10 riding favourites for the 2024 Aussie summer.

1. Mesh Jacket

Nothing beats the heat better than a mesh jacket, especially if you’re based up here in Queensland or even further north still. For the comfort you receive from one of these, you would be mad to not chuck one in your cart now.

Harley-Davidson mesh jackets have many high-end features you have come to expect from your favourite brand. We carry the Trenton and the Ozello mesh jackets for men. Ladies have not been forgotten either with the Cora & Cora II, simply remove the fleece hoodie and the Cora range is 100% summer-ready.

2. Mesh/Textile Gloves

Another great item to get you through summer in comfort are gloves featuring mesh and/or perforated leather. We have many summer-ready styles to choose from. These are all genuine Harley-Davidson® options.

For Men:

 Check out all men's gloves here.

For Women:

Check out all women's gloves here.

3. Multifunctional Headwear

Not only do bandanas and face masks keep the bugs off your face & out of your teeth, but they also help keep that harsh sun off your face, neck and chest. Even if you wear a full-face helmet, it can be handy sometimes to pop one of our bandanas or facemasks on to keep the sun off the back of your neck. We love the Harley-Davidson Multifunctional Headwear range, as there’s no tying, no fussiness and you can use it in at least 10 different ways! See all styles available now.

4. Breathable Riding Footwear

Introducing the Lensfield 7" riding boots, with purposefully placed mesh panels on the upper, this boot offers optimal airflow to keep your feet cool with a full-length cooling nylon lining which facilitates the quick evaporation of moisture from the skin’s surface. But wait, It gets even better. The boots have heat deflecting materials on the upper leathers which keep the boot’s surface temperature cooler when exposed to harsh sunlight. Both of these technologies combine to offer the best-in-class long-term thermal comfort. Meaning your feet will stay cooler and more comfortable for those longer rides. Check them out here.


5. Ventilated Helmet

A well-ventilated helmet can make all the difference to your ride. And if you have a ventilated helmet, make sure you experiment with opening and closing your vents to perfect your airflow. You may want to consider removing optional chin curtains to increase airflow throughout summer too.

Our Harley-Davidson Evo X17 has superior ventilation, sun protection, and wearable versatility. Engineered with impregnated fibreglass, our limited-edition H-D Evo X17 Sunshield modular helmet is loaded with features like adjustable vents (at chin, top, and back spoiler), UVA/UVB protection on the sunshield and face shield, and a fully removable chin bar to transform from a modular to ¾ open-face configuration. This helmet also has a tool-free ratchet system that properly seals your shield with an elliptical motion, and a moisture-wicking liner that’s easy to remove and wash.

See our full helmet range online now.

    6. Protective Riding Jeans

    A good set of riding jeans is something that most riders have but forget to use when it comes to the warmer months mainly due to the riding jean being an older style, hot, bulky or heavy. Riding jeans have advanced so far from where they were to better suit riders and conditions of today. One of our favourite summer picks are the Resurgence Gear Promodal Riding Jean, purpose-made for summer riding. The Promodal jeans are made with Promodal® Denim for long-lasting colour, softness & anti-bacterial properties. The Pekev® Lite liner is exceptionally lightweight & thin, offering improved breathability & comfort while achieving a CE AA rating. Check out all our new age Men's & Women's riding jeans now.

    7. Leather Vest 

      A riding vest is something that all riders should have in their collection, purely because of the versatility of the garment. These can be worn with long-sleeved protective shirts, Kevlar flannels and much more! 

      A best-seller amongst the motorcycling community for a reason, the Harley-Davidson® Men's Tradition II Leather Vest gives you a custom fit with adjustable lacing. Also featuring a snap front, snap front pockets, embossed graphics and midweight cowhide leather construction with polyester twill lining.

      You can't go wrong, check out our vests now.

        8. Hat / Cap 

        A hat is something most riders forget to take along with them, but it’s important to keep yourself cool, comfortable and protected from the sun off the bike too. Get yourself a Harley-Davidson cap to throw in your panniers or backpack and always be comfortable when you arrive at your destination. A cap also hides that helmet hair perfectly. We have a great range of men's and women's Harley-Davidson caps in stock. Check them all out now.


        9.Water Bottle / Hydration Pack


        While riding your motorcycle, moisture from your body is being constantly lost due to sweating and exposure to the wind and sun. A really hot day can easily cause dehydration. Staying hydrated during hot summer rides is critical for your health & safety. We have many different options available to help you combat that dry. See our water bottles and hydration packs here.

        10. Breathable Clothing 

        Don't forget that what you wear underneath your riding gear does in fact impact your overall temperature and comfort during your ride. Clothing made from 100% cotton is your best friend. Famously breathable, cotton is an excellent choice. At  Bundaberg Harley-Davidson we have such a wide array of limited-edition shirt designs that are 100% cotton, ready to keep you looking and feeling fresh all summer long! Loads of styles for both men & women, find your fresh Harley fit now.

        Whatever you ride and however you ride it, stay safe out there & get yourself summer-ready with some fresh gear from your mates at Bundy H-D.

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