Harley-Davidson® Metallic Willie G Skull Logo Pint Glass & Coaster Set

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Harley-Davidson® Willie G Skull Pint Glass and Coaster Set.

We’ve all been there before. After serving a cooling glass of beer to your guests, you scramble to find a coaster just in time to keep Uncle Joe from setting his mug on your finest, teak coffee table or bar. This set solves those problems in grand style. Not only does the set include two striking 16-ounce frosted pint glasses, it also comes with four, 4-inch coordinating coasters. The best part is the silver metallic graphics on the pints - Willie G. Skull logos. The Willie G skull graphic brings new meaning to the phrase, “Here looking at you!” The graphics are delicate so the pints should only be hand washed.


  • Harley-Davidson® Willie G Skull Pint Glasses & Coaster Set
  • Striking set of two 16oz. frosted pint glasses
  • Pint glasses feature metallic silver Willie G Skull graphics accented with a deep red base
  • Includes four Willie G Skull 4" coasters
  • Hand wash only