Harley-Davidson® Embroidered H-D Script Emblem

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Harley-Davidson® Embroidered H-D® Script Rocker Emblem Sew On Patch. This two piece patch features awesome embroidered Old English lettering, also known as blackletter, spelling out Harley-Davidson®. Blackletter, also known as Gothic script, dates back to 1,000 years ago, and was prevalent in Europeans texts well into the 17th century. It’s the Gothic appeal that makes this patch so popular among Harley® enthusiasts. Embroidered, black on grey with black boarders. It’s large, measuring 12-inches at its widest. Each rocker is 2.5-inches in the vertical measure - suitable for sewing onto the back of a leather or canvas jacket or vest.


  • Harley-Davidson® Embroidered H-D Script Emblem
  • 3XL size patch
  • Features an awesome embroidered Old English inspired Harley-Davidson® script
  • Size: 12" W x 2.5" H
  • Black & Grey