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Harley-Davidson® Big Bar & Shield Enamel Ride Bell

Harley-Davidson® Big Bar & Shield Enamel Ride Bell

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According to legend, the “open road” isn’t really as open as you’d like it to be. Rather, it is inhabited by countless “road gremlins,” dispatched by evil spirits to wreak havoc on you and your motorcycle. Some say these gremlins are the source of all the mishaps and mayhem that sometimes make your ride less than perfect.

Fortunately, there’s a defense against these invisible little evil-doers. It’s called a “ride bell,” a powerful weapon in the battle against bad luck. If you don’t already have one yourself, chances are you’ve seen one on somebody else’s bike. Or maybe you haven’t, as they’re attached to the bike somewhere inconspicuous.

No one is exactly quite sure how they work – different theories abound. One is that the gremlins are attracted to the pleasant sound, but then become trapped in side the bell, where the constant ringing drives them crazy. Eventually, they drop to the ground and, according to some, that’s where potholes come from.

However they work, everyone seems to agree on one important thing about ride bells: Sure, you can buy one for yourself, but their power is doubled when you receive one as a gift.

Will having a ride bell prevent you from ever experiencing bad luck on the road? We can’t guarantee that. We can, however, say for certain that your troubles will not be caused by invisible evil spirits.

Whether you believe the legend or not, a ride bell makes a great gift. No matter if you’re the giver or the recipient, it’s a powerful token of friendship, respect, and affection.

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