Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield Suspenders

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Harley-Davidson’s® Bar & Shield® Black Logo Suspenders. Suspenders go back about 300-years, with more practical designs first appearing around 1820. They were practical and even a necessity back in those days because of the high cut trouser designs of the time. Fast forward to today. While not a necessity, suspenders have become a modern day fashion statement. One might say Larry King is single handedly responsible for their resurgence and a fashion accessory. Here is a tasteful pair of black suspenders, with classic orange and white Bar & Shield® logos repeated. These are perfect for work, or even a night on the town, and are guaranteed to not violate those aforementioned clash rules.


  • Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield Suspenders
  • Black Suspenders
  • Orange Bar & Shield Logos
  • Regular Size, 42 and 48 Inches
  • Amazing new mens black Elastic apparel suspenders by Harley-Davidson® from our always on trend Harley-Davidson® designers