Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield Sling Backpack

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You ask yourself, “Should I buy a backpack or sling pack?". Both serve their own set of purposes. While a backpack, when worn properly is carried over both shoulders, a Sling Pack is properly worn with the single strap across the chest, not the shoulder.

If you’re going heavy, stay with a backpack which is supported by both shoulders. But if light is the word, a sling pack might be more practical and easier to put on. This classic sling pack is very popular in our store.

It has the iconic Harley-Davidson® orange and white Bar & Shield® front and center and is made from five different nylon and novelty poly-nylon blends for great durability. The interior pockets are lined with an orange ghost Bar & Shield® lining. There are plenty of organizational pockets and compartments, too. It is roomy enough for papers, clothing and/or lightweight books, even an iPad.

The bag is embellished with an “American Legend Since 1903" embroidered badge in addition to the Harley-Davidson® B&S® logo. The handle is wide for easy toting for short distances and the zippers all have easy to grip pulls.

Measures 14" W x 19½ H" x 5½ D".

  • Nylon and Poly-Nylon Blend
  • Bar & Shield Graphic
  • MP3 Portal
  • Ghost Bar & Shield Lining
  • Leather Zipper Pulls