Summer Lovin'! Get ready for summer with our Top 7 recommended products for riding in an Australian Summer.

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Summer Lovin'! Get ready for summer with our Top 7 recommended products for riding in an Australian Summer.

Nothing beats an Australian summer. The barbecues, the beers, mateship and absolutely cracking weather. But the heat, humidity and Aussie sun can be harsh mistresses. By investing a few dollars into some key riding products, you can turn unbearably hot days on the bike into much cooler and more comfortable rides.

Check out or Top 7 Recommended Products for Summer Riding.

1. Mesh Jacket

Harley-Davidson Willie G. Skull Mesh Riding Jacket 98092-15VM

Nothing beats the heat better than a mesh jacket, especially if you’re based up here in Queensland or even further north still. For just over a couple hundred bucks, you would be mad to not chuck one in your cart so you can ride out Summer in complete comfort and style.

Harley-Davidson mesh jackets have many high end features you have come to expect from your favourite brand such as pre-curved sleeves, adjustable waist tabs, 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material piping, Body armor pockets at elbows, shoulders and back, Two-way zipper fronts, Adjustable cuffs, Padded shoulders and elbows and more. We carry the Screamin’ Eagle, the Trenton and the Willie G Skull Mesh Jackets, three awesome designs to choose from. Ladies have not been forgotten either with the Cora 3-in-1 Mesh Jacket, simply remove the fleece hoodie and Cora is 100% summer ready. Don't forget we have free delivery on all orders over $99 as at 24.10.2020.

2. Mesh/Textile Gloves

Another great item to get you through summer in comfort are some gloves featuring mesh and/or perforated leather. We have many summer ready styles to choose from. These are all genuine Harley-Davidson® options.

For Men:

  • Newhall Mixed Media Full-Finger Gloves
  • Winged Skull Full-Finger Leather Gloves
  • Winged Skull Fingerless Gloves
  • Centerline Reflective Fingerless Gloves
  • Layton Perforated Full-Finger Leather Gloves
  • Stormy Perforated Leather Gloves
  • Oreti Vented Under Cuff Gauntlet Gloves

 Check out all mens gloves here.

For Women:

  • Abilene Mixed Media Gloves
  • Odessa Mesh Full-finger Gloves
  • Thayne Perforated Leather Gloves

 View all ladies gloves here.

3. Multifunctional Headwear

Not only do Bandanas and Face masks keep the bugs off your face as you’re cruising down the road, they also help keep that harsh sun off your face, neck and chest too. Even if you wear a full-face helmet, it can be handy sometimes to pop one of our multifunctional headwear on to keep the sun off the back of your neck. We favour the Harley-Davidson Multifunctional Headwear range, as there’s no tying, no fussiness and you can use it in at least 10 different ways! Most of our Multifunctional Headwear styles are made from lightweight breathable fabrics. At a price point of only $34.95 you should definitely chuck one in your pannier now.

See all styles available now.

4. Hydration Vest


We have only a small handful of these vests left. But if you ride in extreme temperatures or humidity, you might want to try the Harley-Davidson Hydration Vest.

This 100% nylon vest is lined with polyacrylite crystals that absorb and hold water to help keep the rider cooler in high temperatures. Vest is fully hydrated when soaked in water for ten minutes. The vest features mesh panels on shoulders and chest for extra cooling. Stretch side panels enhance the fit. Polyacrylite crystals last approximately one year or fifty uses.

Wear underneath your normal riding gear and experience the cooling effect for yourself. Shop remaining sizes now.

5. A Helmet with good ventilation

A well-ventilated helmet can make all the difference to your ride. And if you have a ventilated helmet, make sure you experiment with opening and closing your vents to perfect your airflow. You may want to consider removing optional chin curtains to increase airflow throughout summer too.

Our top selling full-face helmet is the Harley-Davidson Air-Fit. We can barely keep it in stock! By all accounts it’s cool, comfortable, quiet and at a great price point of around $340. Some of the highlights of the Airfit include the four intake vents and one exhaust vent, one-touch integrated sun shield deploys quickly and easily, and the AirFit™ Liner Inflation System which allows the rider to obtain a customised comfort fit (cheeks and sides) by pumping the inflation ball or pushing the quick-air release to let out air. Lightweight at 1645 grams on average, you can see why our customers can’t get enough of these helmets.

See the full range online now.

    6. A Cap/Hat

      A hat is something most riders forget to take along with them, but it’s important to keep yourself cool, comfortable and protected from the sun off the bike too. Get yourself a Harley-Davidson cap to throw in your panniers or backpack and always be comfortable when you arrive at your destination. A cap also hides that helmet hair perfectly! We have a great range of men's and women's Harley-Davidson caps in stock. Check them all out now.


        7. Quality Eyewear

          Quality eyewear is a must for every rider, but especially if you ride with an open-face helmet. We have stocked the Harley-Davidson Performance Eyewear range by Harley-Davidson for years. Sadly we won’t be carrying as large a range going forward as we have done previously, but our loss is your gain as we have 50% off all remaining stock right now. This offer is in-store only and current as at 24.10.2020.

          If you ride with an open-face, make sure you choose eyewear that is riding appropriate. Shatter resistant lenses are a must and some experts say full polarisation is not recommended as it can reduce visibility of oil slicks on the road. Features such as removable foam gaskets are also great to have for comfort and function. And absolutely everyone should wear sunglasses with a high UV protection rating.


          Whatever you ride, however you ride it, stay safe out there and get yourself summer ready with some fresh gear from your friends at Bundy H-D.